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Check out this by AlphaCrystal and Mecha Sonic. Don't hesitate to ask Mecha Sonic. ^^
Ask Mecha Sonic! #10
Question asked by :iconthe-badger-wolf: 
Meet another one of MariaMusical99's characters!
New OC!
This is Keyboarda.
She's a GIANT gothic girl who plays piano and keyboard.
She has 20 siblings
Name: Keyboarda
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 8'0"
Likes: Gothic stuff, pianos and keyboards, her siblings, and horror/gorey movies
Dislikes: Flirting, Romantic/Happy movies, cute stuff (sometimes), People bossing her around, people messing with her siblings and people messing with her.
Voice: Nagone Mako
Fav. Color: Red
Crush: None
I own Keyboarda
Coming in May or June, a story for SoulzGrapes. This will be mainly about Termiki the wolf and his family.

Eric the 44-year-old wolf [Termiki's dad].
Eve the 43-year-old wolf [Termiki's mum].
Storm the 25-year-old wolf [Termiki's older brother].
Ebba the 24-year-old wolf [Termiki's sister-in-law].
Termiki the 21-year-old wolf.
Everyone, check out this Chibi drawn by Firestorm999!
Male Chibi
I have to admit, this Chibi is very cool

It's a real improvement on my old one that I did
@AlphaCryst did a funny answer to my question. ^^
Ask Mecha Sonic! #4
Question asked by :iconthe-badger-wolf:
SparDanger now has an adoptables account! Go ahead and check it out!
Oh hey! New adoptables account!! Please feel free to check it out!!

AlphaCrystal now has an Ask Mecha Sonic available!
Ask Mecha Sonic!
This time, it's going to be a special request! 
I give you the first ASK ME! 
Where you can ask Mecha Sonic your questions! 
Also, there will be more characters to be asked! 

So, if you have any questions to ask, ask right away! 
AlphaCrystal, Mecha Sonic and Mecha Sonica are lost in the forest. It is getting dark and they have very little camping supplies. They see two anthro figures. Do the Mecha siblings trust them?

*Start anytime, AlphaCrystal.*
SoulzGrapes is doing Sketch Commissions for 5 :points: and I decided to promote this. X3
Im doing sketch commissions for 5:points:
Will be traditional, and be done soon as possible, leave a comment with your character ref here.
Check out the Request FluffyCat12345 drew for me a few hours ago! He looks adorable in that style!
Please donate or spread this news.
So, some sicko used SIX cats as target practice to shoot.  All were rescued, though one of them had to be euthanized thus far (after being paralyzed due to the shot).

I don't usually post things like this, but I know from experience that surgery for animals is expensive.  I'll post a link to the donation page below this description; please consider donating, and if you can't, then at least spread/share the page so that perhaps others can (or do both).

Help Patsy's Cats be pain free
MariaMusical99 now has 110 watchers. Congratulations!
110 watchers!? Wow! Thank you all so much!!
Silver Roxas1 saw a rainbow cloud.
Hey guys, a rainbow cloud.

Filename by SilverRoxas1
There will be TWO drawings today for the 2017 April Daily Drawings Challenge, plus, the request for TailsTheFox76.
HuntressCuddlez's dog passed away recently, so please, everyone, go and comfort her. She needs it.


The-Badger-Wolf's Profile Picture

The-Badger-Wolf | Male | Mid 20s | Perth, Western Australia

Hello, I am a badgerwolf and one of the rare deviants from Perth in Western Australia.
I am generally nice and I often like to draw for other people in some of my spare time.

I have a lot of watchers on this site and I am thankful for them, even when they are inactive. I try my best to remember to draw for the ones I owe, even from months ago.

Just try not to make me get upset otherwise I will give you a warning. If you say anything that offends me or if you deliberately try to get me angry, you will be given a warning, maybe two. Do it again and you will be blocked, permanently.

I do not do any type of dating. Also, if you are waiting for a request or an Art Trade from me, please be patient. Another thing, if you're gonna unwatch me, I'll probably unwatch you back, no asking questions.


Badgers, my favourite animals, they are really cute!
Wolves, because why not? Wolves can be cute too!
Border Collies, Rough Collies are some of the best dogs ever.
Foxes, especially Tails the fox. I also like snow foxes/arctic foxes.
Bears, especially fluffy ones and especially polar bears.
Coyotes, they go floof! Floof!
Cats, they are also cute. Meow.
Snakes, as long as they don't kill cute animals at the time.

More to be confirmed.


Tails the fox getting killed/eaten, especially in a violent/gory manner.
Undertale, especially since I hear about it way too much, no offence.
Inappropriate clothing.

More to be confirmed.

I have decided to promote AuTalkz. That's right, something to do with Kairy and autism. I have put the links below and I'm also going to be promoting them on my profile page from now on, effective immediately. Hopefully, everyone will see the links.

Season 1 of AuTalkz:…
Season 2 of AuTalkz:…

Kairy the wolf is owned by :iconmdchan: so please do not steal.
AuTalkz - Cover by mdchan

Autism Awareness by RuthlessDreams Breast Cancer Awareness by RuthlessDreams Prostate Cancer Awareness by RuthlessDreams
Python Journal Doll For AspieBrayden by Shattered-Skye

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